Tuesday, May 10, 2005

therapy or yada yada yada

it occurs to me that a blog is very much like psychotherapy, in the same way a diary is. therapy these days costs between $80 and $350 per fifty minute session. i'm not against therapy, in fact, i think probably most people benefit from it. ask woody allen about that. the fact of the matter is, i make $10 an hour, and cannot keep up with my bills now, so adding another one just doesn't make any sense. and so, my blog is my therapy. today's session is about why i find it impossible to associate with people who support george w. bush, and voted for him, and support his insane/inhuman iraq war. my neighbor across the street voted for bush. he also owns guns. on the surface, he's a very nice fellow. i just can't bring myself to associate with him. he's married to a woman who voted for kerry, and has compared bush to hitler. apparently they're able to co-exist somehow. i don't know how or why. perhaps Love really does conquer all? my neighbor next door to me, who is just this moment building his house, also voted for bush. he's been very nice to me. he's helped me. he puts his california redemption value containers in a bucket which i supplied to him, so that i may recycle them for cash. another problem i have is that i cannot throw away money, in any form, including california redemption value recycleable containers. these are mostly aluminium cans, plastic bottles, and on friday's, they drink their friday beers from glass bottles, also a CRV (California Redemption Value container). this neighbor just recently informed me he'd voted for bush. before then, we seemed to be developing a nice friendship. since then, i have had this problem of wanting to be his friend. i wonder if i'm becoming more orthodox, conservative, prejudice, intolerant, discriminatory, and/or fundamental, because i don't want to associate with people who aren't exactly like me. this is troubling, stressful, and difficult. our world is so full of so many different people, and through globalization, we're all being forced in front of each other. only 51% of american voters voted for bush, although that's never been proven to my satisfaction. in my opinion, he was never elected to begin with in 2000 or 2004, but that is an entirely different blog subject! my neighbor across the street, who voted for bush, who supports this crazy iraq war, and who owns guns, has very little in common with me. am i to focus on what we do have in common, and ignore the rest? well, we both like computers, and we're both happy, helpful people, whom many like. and yet, he is like the negative end of a magnet, while i'm the positive end, or vice versa. i am so anti-gun, i'm militant. i support the banning of all guns everywhere. i believe guns serve absolutely no human/loving/religious purpose, and yet, we continue to murder one another in america at the highest worldwide rate. and i am no closer to understanding why i can't, or won't associate with people who support george w. bush. maybe this has something to do with it. you may have heard or seen or read about the ducks who nested near the white house. they are deemed a security risk. a fence was immediately erected around them for their own protection. it was also noted that when those chicks hatch, the family is going to most definitely make their way to the closest water, which just happens to be a fountain in front of the white house, on white house property. a white house spokesperson said it is too much of a security risk to permit this duck family into that fountain. in effect, they are prisoners, and when the chicks hatch, the family will be "relocated". is this what our government has come to? fencing in nesting ducks for their own protection, and prohibiting them from white house property? come to think of it, one of those ducks did look an aweful lot like an ICBM! BM for sure! since that property belongs to "we the people", shouldn't we at least vote on it? i used to think that america was the best place on earth to live. i don't think that anymore, although i haven't lived anyplace else either. i think it just may be time for me to do so, if only i had the courage. i'd at least like affordable, competent health care for everybody. again, here's another blog topic! maybe it simply all does come down to that old saying: "you get what you pay for." rich people live longer, because they can afford the very best healthcare. i've now crossed over from the "therapy" portion of this blog, to the "yada yada yada". i don't know that i've solved a bloody thing. i still don't want to associate with people who support george w. bush. i'm still against this terribly insane iraq war. i continue to be anti-gun, and i still believe in democracy, even when people tell me they don't vote, because they're sure it makes no goddamn difference. maybe i'm a fool, but i'm a fool with a blog that somebody's reading! now who's the sucker?! well, c'est la vie!

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