Thursday, November 29, 2007

article of the day
thumbs up!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

a few things i'm thankful for

my partner, my love, my soul-mate
my health
my positive attitude
my ability to see good in everything and everyone
i am grateful i have:
most of my own teeth
clean running water
a roof over my head
enough food to eat
warm clothes
a toothbrush
i am grateful i have lived in a time with martin luther king jr, jfk, and john lennon
i am grateful we'll elect a new president in about 349 days
i am most grateful i have:
a job
money in the bank
peace of mind
a pot full of fresh basil
a pot full of fresh lavender
a pot full of tomatoes
i am grateful that:
most people are not at war

Sunday, November 18, 2007

hugh's views

from time to time i post articles i think are worth reading and passing along.
here's one. enjoy. peace.


Recently I learned of a study comparing the average walking speed of people from different countries. The people with the fastest pace are in Japan. The U.S. is in the top five, which also includes other industrialized nations. At the bottom of the list—the slowest pace—are people from Malawi.

Now that I am semi-retired and have more leisure time, I have decided to do more errands by foot rather than by car. I have always done a lot of hiking and walking recreationally, but this is something different. When I need a haircut or have to go the post office, I go out my front door and hit the pavement. There’s a lot within a mile and a half of my home, and I truly enjoy walking the three-mile round-trip. Because of this behavioral change, there is quite a difference in how I feel, and I’ve noticed that my pace is probably getting closer to the folks in Malawi than to those in Japan.

Walking provides an opportunity to see things that I never would have observed when I traveled by car. It is interesting to see the variety of plant life along the path, and how houses have such interesting designs. There are scores of things I see now that before were just a blur as I hurried in my auto to get to the next place. It’s also far more civil when one walks. We fellow walkers generally greet each pleasantly, as opposed to the tension and disregard that typifies interactions between fellow drivers competing for position. Sometimes even a conversation develops with others, or if you see someone you know, there’s an opportunity to get reacquainted. I expect all this has reduced my blood pressure, pulse rate, and irritability quotient, as it feels to me like the rat race is occurring on some track that I am not on.

On the negative side, there’s the smell of gas fumes and the sight of litter that one would not be aware of if not walking. But the worst observation is how hurried and harried people seem to be while driving. No one appears to have enough time to get where they are going as they speed along, using up fossil fuel, not getting any exercise, and feeling tense on the roadway. Believe me, I know from where I speak, as that was surely a picture of me for a very long time, and occasionally still is.

I suppose in an ideal world we would all live about a 10-minute walk to our jobs and we would have enough discretionary time to feel unhurried. It’s difficult in a metropolitan area to slow down our pace, observe the world that surrounds us, and interact pleasantly with others. There are times that nothing but our automobiles will do, but there are times when we probably do not need a car, yet are just in the bad habit of using one.

Similar to starting a diet, developing new, healthier habits can take time. But depending on your living situation, walking more to do errands may be a habit worth considering. It might even make your life more interesting and pleasant, and perhaps lengthen it as well because of the cardiovascular health benefits. Just think, if the worldwide supply of oil continues to be less available and more expensive, you could be well ahead of your friends and neighbors if you get started right now on this new 21st century essential behavior called walking.

Hugh R. Winig, M.D.

Friday, November 16, 2007

american gangster

good movie.
thumbs up.
i recommend it.

Friday, November 09, 2007

fred claus

just saw this film and i give it a thumbs up.
very sweet and cute.
this holiday season let's really remember what it's all about and live it each and every day.
peace and love and peace on earth.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kid Nation

Kid Nation is one of the best shows on TV, in my opinion.
it's on CBS, at 8pm, on wednesday.
check it out.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

people we meet

i meet remarkable people from time to time in my work. as a cab driver, i never know who will be getting into my cab. the other day i met somebody worth telling you about.
this is a ninety year old woman who was a member of the women's air corps in world war two.
that is a remarkable story alone.
there were over a thousand women in the WAC, (women's air corps). there are now about three hundred and many of them recently attended a reunion in palm desert, california. i chauffeured one of these woman to the airport. she had many tales to tell, all remarkable and interesting. i cannot begin to relate them here.
the women of the WAC essentially flew missions that men could not, because all the men were in combat duty. without the WAC, i doubt world war two would have ended the way it did. these women made a huge difference. i personally thanked this woman for her patriotic contribution and sacrifice to her country, to our planet, and specifically to me. who knows, had it not been for such women, perhaps i would never have been born.
since the end of the war, these women were rarely recognized, compensated or even thanked. in fact, it wasn't until about 1985 when these women were officially made veterans who could then qualify for health care and a pension.
that is another sad story.
this pilot was joyful and grateful and full of life even for 90. she taught me many lessons on the thirty-five minute cab ride to the airport. and she gave me a good tip. i will never forget this hero of history who was so humble and kind.
when you think about it, we all meet hero's and remarkable people every day. we must recognize and be sure to thank them in the moment. we must be aware of every moment and be mindful to live and love within each and every second.