Friday, August 31, 2007


from the new york times, august 31, 2007

Cellphone-Only Homes Hit a Milestone

From September 2006 to April 2007, the percentage of Americans in cellphone-only households for the first time overtook the percentage in landline-only households.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

i've been recently diagnosed with high cholesterol. my doctor wants to do a "special" blood test on me which must be sent to the mayo clinic, in minnesota!, for analysis.
now i really feel special.

is there nobody in california who can do this? no facility, like, oh, say, cedars sinai or ucla med center? minnesota?

granted, the mayo clinic is a top rated hospital, but hey, so is eisenhower medical center. ain't they got a blood expert there?!

anyway, i'm grateful and fortunate and honored to have this fine medical care.
never mind what it cost me out of pocket.

this is a whole other subject for another time!

but seriously, perhaps national health care coverage FOR EVERYBODY does make sense? what do you think?

stay tuned for the blood test results.


p.s. by the way, did you get your FREE SICKO health care card yet? get them at,

Monday, August 27, 2007

B-bye Alberto!

B-bye Alberto!
Good luck.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the city has just officially informed me that the weeds in front of the house are a "nuisance" and must be removed by a certain date.

how's your adventure with weeds going?

some people have a yard full of weeds intentionally. they consider them nature's wild flowers and in fact some weeds are wild flowers and some wild flowers are weeds.

it is a constant battle if you want it to be.

every day i walk around the yard and see weeds. i pull, i spray poison, and i still see weeds. i have decided to accept them. i'll continue to pull and poison, but i know they will win again and again and again and even after i'm planted.

weeds, along with taxes and death are simply another joyful part of life, so relax and enjoy.


Sunday, August 12, 2007


i recommend the film stardust.
thumbs up.
stay 'til the very end.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

bamboo cove vietnamese-french bistro

the bamboo cove will be open soon. it used to be durty nellie's, but has been COMPLETELY redesigned. it is stunning inside. the bamboo cove is at 72286 highway 111, suite j3-j4, palm desert, ca, 92260, phone number = 760-776-7999. it is between subway and mamacita's. they will serve vietnamese-french cuisine. i have met the owner/chef and will write a review as soon as they open. i think this will be an exciting and welcome new addition to our valley restaurant scene.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the choice of happiness

i have a BFA degree in theatre which essentially makes me an expert on nothing.
that said, it seems to me one can look into the face of another and immediately form an opinion regarding their state of happiness.
i see homeless people with next to nothing looking happier than people in expensive cars who have a job and a house.
i notice these faces, because as a cab driver, i spend 12 hours a day cruising the streets and seeing faces. i see far too many sad faces. i don't know what people are so sad about, but i can guess.
how about no health care? crappy salary? lousy benefits? bad marriage? kid problems? their dog died? the economy? the war? the price of food and everything else? thinning hair?
aging? loss? depression? this list is endless i think.
and now to happiness. i believe happiness is a choice. i see people in wheelchairs who are happier than those of us running down the street.
life gives us a variety of challenges. no problems. i don't recognize or legitimize "problems". for me, a "problem" is an opportunity to find a solution. hence i have no problems.
and happiness, at least for me, is always a choice i will make. you can choose fear, tears, anger, resentment, constipation, etc, etc...or you can choose happiness.
which will you choose?
i will choose happiness.
i may even develop a course in it, and/or offer motivational speeches on how to be happy.
and i'll be much more economically attractive than tony robbins.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

iphone tales

i love my new iphone.
it has attached itself to me like a third kidney.
not so surprising enough, i'm extremely regular.
stay tuned for further iphone adventures.

the bourne ultimatum

thumbs up!
good movie.
i see a possible sequel.
this film has a very high rating on rotten tomatoes.

Friday, August 03, 2007

morning routine

we all have our morning routine. for those who work the night shift, their morning routine is going to bed and sleeping all day. for some, it's a cup of coffee or espresso from their own shiny machine. for others, it's their destiny with starbuck's each and every morning. still others enjoy fruit in the morning, while some do yoga. we all have our special morning routine. for me, it's a bike ride. this morning i noticed another routine. the dog people.

they have their morning routine too. each morning they assemble at the dog park. both canine and people socialize and frolic. it can be difficult determining who's having more fun.

as i ride by on my bike, several canines come to greet me. this must be their morning routine. bark at bike riders. it's comforting to have a morning routine. it is something to look forward to and depend on. with life being constant change, morning routines are a blessing or a curse depending on your perspective.

after my bike ride i indulge in another morning routine. my outdoor shower. enjoy your morning routine(s).