Saturday, September 15, 2012

The F Report Straight from the dog park this morning. I'm the only man there.   Everybody else is a woman in her 40's, 50's, and 60's. None of these women have partners. The conversation goes like this. "Does Velma snuggle with you?" "No.  The only time she gets into bed is when I get out." "Does Sadie cuddle with you?" "Nope.   She's not much of a cuddler.  Prefers her own bed." "Does Sally snuggle with you?" "No.   Sally is too independent for snuggling." "Does Garbo cuddle with you?" "I wish!" "Does Rex snuggle?" "Oh please.  My ex husband was more affectionate." "Does Moses cuddle with you?" "Well only if I grab him, and then he spends the whole time trying to wiggle away, so no." And then they remember I'm there.  They look at me.  I smile politely, and then they ask... "Does Buddy snuggle?" I say... "Oh gosh yes, all the time, whether I'm in the mood or not." And they ask... "How do you get him to snuggle!?" And I answer... "I don't.   I just accept it when he offers it, and that turns out to be several times a day, and at dawn!" And they say... "You are SO lucky!" Yes, I am. :-) What a way to wake up and begin the new day! :-)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

GAS FREE Road Trip

My oil-free road trip... Left yesterday about 8am heading south on highway 74.  The cyclists were climbing the hill, and with no shoulder on that scenic highway, it was dangerous.   They seem to love to ride this highway right before le tour de France.    Go figure. Starting point, palm desert, California, for those wishing to follow along. As I climbed in elevation, it got cooler.   Starting temp in the desert was 84°, and when I reached the corner of highway 74 and highway 371, it was 68°.   I was chilly.  I started my descent down into the anza valley, where I noticed several people looking as if they'd never seen a tesla roadster. I proceeded through aguanga, California, and merged onto highway 79, west. These roads are all small country two-lane twisty roads and the roadster loved every moment of it.    In no time at all, we were in temecula, California, and stopped for our first stretch/potty break.   Back on the road we took highway 15 south, the avocado freeway, and one freeway you MUST drive one day.     Shortly we merged onto highway 78 west and headed for Oceanside. We could smell the fog and salt air. In no time at all we were on California highway one, heading south. We took that all the way to la jolla, California. Did I mention the purpose of this road trip adventure!? To meet up with and support skaters and cyclists who were skating and cycling 100 miles, from Santa Ana, California, to San Diego, California, in about ten hours! At la jolla, I turned around, and headed north on California highway one.   What a view!!!   I took that back to Oceanside, where it ends, then jumped on the five freeway to Dana point. There I got back on to highway one north, and went all the way north to Newport beach, passing laguna beach, crescent bay, emerald bay, corona beach, corona del mar, and some of the prettiest scenery you'll ever see anyplace on mother earth. By this time I'd travelled about 200 miles, all electric, most of which is solar generated.  So who needs oil!?   Not us.    I charged up at the tesla store in newport beach, California, at fashion island, with 45 miles to spare, and had a fabulous supper. I stayed overnight at a little hotel and drove home the next day, again using NO OIL. What a pleasure.   Next month, Los Angeles road trip to attend! Hope to see YOU there! Peace. :-) On twitter sometimes under, @frankielandfiel

Monday, January 30, 2012

Go Green!

Me thinks gas stations should offer electric car charging.
You bet.
Most electric car owners also buy gas.  Guess where they'd buy it if their local gas station also offered them free charging?!
Most gas stations sell other products besides gas, like soda pop, candy, coffee, etc......
I bet while charging, electric car owners would make purchases.
It's the right thing to do.
Can you imagine the great positive PR chevron would receive if they provided electric car charging?!
They'll have to do it eventually.
Soon enough there will be no more gas to sell.
And people are buying electric cars NOW in significant numbers.
The McDonald's in Barstow, California has a Tesla charger!
Now that's saying something!
You can bet I will stop there and spend money.
It's time for America to catch up with the rest of the world and establish a first class electric car charging network.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I support electric car charging stations nationwide. They can be solar and wind powered. We must break our oil addiction. Thanks.

Friday, January 06, 2012

HAPPY 2012!

HAPPY 2012!