Saturday, September 15, 2012

The F Report Straight from the dog park this morning. I'm the only man there.   Everybody else is a woman in her 40's, 50's, and 60's. None of these women have partners. The conversation goes like this. "Does Velma snuggle with you?" "No.  The only time she gets into bed is when I get out." "Does Sadie cuddle with you?" "Nope.   She's not much of a cuddler.  Prefers her own bed." "Does Sally snuggle with you?" "No.   Sally is too independent for snuggling." "Does Garbo cuddle with you?" "I wish!" "Does Rex snuggle?" "Oh please.  My ex husband was more affectionate." "Does Moses cuddle with you?" "Well only if I grab him, and then he spends the whole time trying to wiggle away, so no." And then they remember I'm there.  They look at me.  I smile politely, and then they ask... "Does Buddy snuggle?" I say... "Oh gosh yes, all the time, whether I'm in the mood or not." And they ask... "How do you get him to snuggle!?" And I answer... "I don't.   I just accept it when he offers it, and that turns out to be several times a day, and at dawn!" And they say... "You are SO lucky!" Yes, I am. :-) What a way to wake up and begin the new day! :-)