Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Way I Remember It

my family had pepper before they had me, i think. i don't know for sure, because i wasn't born yet. we had pepper 'til i was about nine, i think. pepper was a black and white cocker spaniel. i don't remember much about her, because i was too busy growing up. i don't ever remember walking pepper. i remember her being let out the back door. one day she never came back. it was explained to me that it was simply her time to go. being about nine, i accepted this, and probably went off to watch get smart, or the wild wild west.
a miniature white poodle named pete was our next dog. i remember more about pete. i don't ever remember walking pete. i remember snuggling with pete. i remember pete on a long leash in the driveway. i remember one day my mom was in a hurry, and that was the end of pete. it was an accident. it's never good, i think, to be in a hurry.
not long after that i remember we got a kerry blue terrier named claude. he was the one that nobody wanted, because kerry blue terriers are supposed to be entirely kerry blue. claude had white feet, and a bit of white, i think, on his adorable face. claude quickly became a member of the family. i remember for the first few months we had claude, he was caged at night. i remember him crying horribly through this. i remember i used to sneak out of bed when everybody else was asleep, and let claude out of his prison. he quickly made my bed, his. i became a guest in his bed. i don't remember walking claude. i remember claude sleeping with me 'til i left home at 18. i had a life to acquire.
i didn't see claude much after that. i remember my mother telling me that he always slept on my bed. he was the best friend i ever had from about age 12 to 18. i remember the phone call from my mother telling me claude had passed away. on my bed of course. i must have been about 25. i don't remember.
after that, i didn't have another dog 'til now, age 57.
they say, people who have dogs, live longer.
i don't have a dog. i have a very furry person. at least that's how i see him. a remarkable hairy midget named buddy.

i have many photos and videos of him, but will only put this one on here, for now.
i walk buddy most days at 6am and 6pm. we're not always on the same schedule, but it all works out, most of the time.
i love to walk buddy. or is he walking me? a little of both, i think.
we also play ball. i never remember playing ball with any of my other dogs.
buddy is a fabulous ball player. he often catches the ball BEFORE the first bounce. and he brings it back. he has no choice. if he doesn't bring it back, i can't throw it again. i'm not sure if he's training me, or the other way around. a little of both, i suppose.
as i write this, buddy is in the other room. if he were in here, he'd be "helping me" in ways that weren't helpful.
i can't imagine my life without buddy, although some separate vacations would do us both good, i think.
and some joint vacations too.
i think people my age, 57, should consider having a dog, or cat. they add so much to our lives.
from time to time i'll post more photos and videos of buddy online.
you can also follow him, and me, on facebook, under frankie landfield.
until next time, enjoy.
peace and love.
frank landfield
palm desert, california
may, 2011