Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My Flag Is Your Flag

i have a flag flying in front of my house atop some recycled water pipe. it is an American flag, except for the area where the stars are. it has the stripes, but instead of the stars, it has a peace sign. it's been flying in front of my house for about 4 years. it is very ripped and worn. people say i should replace it. i have a brand new rainbow peace flag in my house, but i'm going to leave the ripped one flying until i'm good and ready to replace it. i say the rips represent what this illegal terrorist administration is doing to our planet, our environment, our constitution, our freedoms, our culture, our world, etc...and etc...yada yada yada. my ripped flag has become a symbol, in my opinion. people say i violate the law by flying this flag. i can find no such law. people say i violate the law by flying the flag 24/7. i can find no such law. if you know of this law, please send it to me, and my ACLU agents will carefully review it. i will eventually replace this ripped flag, but it may not be until we rid this universe of the evil that is bush. i am not completely certain those rips happened naturally. i can promise you this, for sure, i will work for the rest of my life for real patriotism.