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dirty dishes

this is mostly about what i can't do, and less about other things.
i cannot leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight UNLESS they're submerged in soapy water so that when i finally do get around to washing them it will be easy.
i cannot use something and NOT return it to the place it belongs.
i cannot go to bed angry, hurt, or upset. or smelly.
i cannot sleep on an airplane.
i cannot cancel an appointment.
i cannot be late.
i cannot listen to nonsense.
i cannot have a conversation with a brick wall.
i cannot go to the beach without some expectations.
i cannot go to the beach without going barefoot.
i cannot remember the next thing i was going to say.
i cannot forget the first time i shot and killed another living creature.
i cannot inline skate any longer. LOVE my hips in one piece too much.
i cannot understand what that tea party is all about.
i cannot figure out our tax system.
i cannot recall the last time i was sad.
i cannot quite accept that i don't have as much money as i deserve.
i cannot remember the last bet i won.
i cannot find my keys. just kidding! of course i know exactly where they are!
i cannot look forward to going to the dentist.
i cannot imagine planet earth ever at peace.
i cannot stop volunteering.
i cannot attend a kid rock concert.
i cannot be accepted into the armed services. something about flat feet and not being able to do a sit-up, push-up, or pull-up.
i cannot see a thing without my glasses.
i cannot hear myself snoring. as far as i know, i don't.
i cannot wear my hair too long.
i cannot get off coke. original formula.
i cannot give up my screen actors guild membership. one day...
i cannot live in new york city unless my apartment costs ten million dollars, or more.
i cannot live in los angeles.
i cannot drive so well at night.
i cannot speed.
i cannot intentionally lie.
i cannot eat spicy thai food more than ten minutes away from a clean bathroom and shower.
i cannot walk a marathon, yet!
i cannot see my great-niece too much.
i cannot help people enough.
i cannot donate too much money.
i cannot transform without visiting israel.
i cannot go back.
i cannot change dramatically from who i am.
i cannot tell the future.
i cannot figure out soduku.
i cannot believe i am 56.
i cannot wait for universal health care.
i cannot stand rude people.
i cannot walk by a can without picking it up.
i cannot live in clutter.
i cannot shovel snow.
i cannot shop at target.
i cannot take too many cruises.
i cannot be responsible for the actions of others.
i cannot afford some of the toys i desperately want.
i cannot hate.
i cannot overpay for anything.
i cannot waste my time. or yours.
i cannot think of much else i cannot do although i know there are many.
i cannot end this without saying...

on YouTube under "franklandfields"

palm desert, california
april, 2010

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link of the day

shame, shame, shame

shame on you virginia.
i will officially boycott your state.

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please help if you can
this is an organization that WORKS!