Friday, June 18, 2010


and you say your life is difficult?!


increasingly i hear from people who cannot afford to live in america. they can no longer afford the basics. and health care?! that is a whole other bloody mess.

more and more people are moving to another country. and why not? if your life is better there, then i understand why people are leaving here.

still, it seems more people come to america than any other country.

i have toyed with this idea myself and it is frightening. i was born and raised in america and the thought of living someplace else is, well, completely foreign to me.
as foreign as shooting a deer. i've never done either.

i have no idea what the stats are about americans living abroad. i am sure they are significant. i do know this stat. more people leave israel than move there. and by the way, israel is a country that offers tremendous benefits to those wishing to move there. so does mexico, china, panama, thailand, etc...

i haven't seen much of the world outside america. i've been to mexico for sure, and possibly canada. i can't remember. i cannot say if life elsewhere would be better. i would have to live someplace else for a year, at least, to even form an opinion. i've lived in america for 56 years and i love it here, but perhaps i love it because i haven't lived anyplace else? i don't know any better.

i hear italy's awesome! new zealand too!

like with all of life, there is good and bad with everything. i am positive this applies to living abroad even though i've never lived abroad.

but the main point here is, it is an option.

life is full of options and choices.

good luck with yours.


Sunday, June 06, 2010


Wednesday, June 02, 2010


500th POST!

you simply can't make up a better story than this!