Wednesday, November 07, 2007

people we meet

i meet remarkable people from time to time in my work. as a cab driver, i never know who will be getting into my cab. the other day i met somebody worth telling you about.
this is a ninety year old woman who was a member of the women's air corps in world war two.
that is a remarkable story alone.
there were over a thousand women in the WAC, (women's air corps). there are now about three hundred and many of them recently attended a reunion in palm desert, california. i chauffeured one of these woman to the airport. she had many tales to tell, all remarkable and interesting. i cannot begin to relate them here.
the women of the WAC essentially flew missions that men could not, because all the men were in combat duty. without the WAC, i doubt world war two would have ended the way it did. these women made a huge difference. i personally thanked this woman for her patriotic contribution and sacrifice to her country, to our planet, and specifically to me. who knows, had it not been for such women, perhaps i would never have been born.
since the end of the war, these women were rarely recognized, compensated or even thanked. in fact, it wasn't until about 1985 when these women were officially made veterans who could then qualify for health care and a pension.
that is another sad story.
this pilot was joyful and grateful and full of life even for 90. she taught me many lessons on the thirty-five minute cab ride to the airport. and she gave me a good tip. i will never forget this hero of history who was so humble and kind.
when you think about it, we all meet hero's and remarkable people every day. we must recognize and be sure to thank them in the moment. we must be aware of every moment and be mindful to live and love within each and every second.

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Hugh R. Winig, M.D. said...

Nice thoughts; nicely written. Keep it up!--Hugh