Thursday, November 22, 2007

a few things i'm thankful for

my partner, my love, my soul-mate
my health
my positive attitude
my ability to see good in everything and everyone
i am grateful i have:
most of my own teeth
clean running water
a roof over my head
enough food to eat
warm clothes
a toothbrush
i am grateful i have lived in a time with martin luther king jr, jfk, and john lennon
i am grateful we'll elect a new president in about 349 days
i am most grateful i have:
a job
money in the bank
peace of mind
a pot full of fresh basil
a pot full of fresh lavender
a pot full of tomatoes
i am grateful that:
most people are not at war


Hugh R. Winig, M.D. said...

Very well done--good balance between the words and sentiments for this bit of prose/poetry.

Hugh R. Winig, M.D. said...

Hi Frank,

Lovely poem and thoughts on appreciating how lucky we really are.
See you soon!!!