Monday, May 30, 2005


on this memorial day, it is indeed important to remember those who gave their lives. it is also VERY IMPORTANT to remember the following:
war is NEVER the answer or solution. there is NEVER a war winner. there is no honor in killing. in fact, those who participate in war, are in my opinion, losers. would jesus have made war? would the pope serve in active duty on the front lines? remember "thou shall not kill"?! remember also that george w. bush NEVER served in our armed forces. for that matter, i'll bet he NEVER scrubbed a toilet, mopped a floor, or ever cleaned his own house. we leave such duties, along with fighting and dying in wars, to the poorest and most underprivileged americans. remember too that benjamin franklin, thomas jefferson, and france created this country, and are ashamed to see where we've brought ourselves. keep in mind that we still live in a democracy, and you really can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in november of 2008, and all the elections between now and then. the nonsense and insanity that has gone on since november of 2000, and continues to go on, will most definitely affect our grandchildren. teach them NOW how to deal with it. history will most assuredly identify the truth of this shameful, and illegal administration. you are a living witness who must NEVER let people forget the truth. so remember, we don't have to make war to have peace. i just hope we figure this out before we're extinct.