Thursday, December 13, 2007


what does it say about us when:
we're not on time?
we don't do what we say we'll do?
we break our promises?
few things or people in this life are on time.
fewer of us keep our promises or do what we say we will do.
this often angers and frustrates people.
one fact is true. we're all interconnected.
when i'm late i impact somebody else.
few of us are islands. our actions and behavior have consequences that we sometimes don't realize.
what does it say about me if i choose to be angry and frustrated because somebody has broken a promise to me? most emotion is a choice. there must be times when we display emotion without thinking and choosing. no doubt.
the best we can do is this:
be on time.
keep our promises to one another.
do what we say we will do.
why this is so rare i do not know. i suspect it has become acceptable in our culture.
some people say being late is part of being flexible. i cannot buy this.
we must live in reality and that means that far too often promises will not be kept,
people will be late, and somebody will not do what they say they will do.
i believe our reaction is as important as the action. that is to say, my reaction to somebody being late is as important to why they are late. usually there is no good reason for being late, in my opinion. please don't tell me we're meeting at noon if you're going to show up at 12:15pm. i am learning that my reaction and my choices reflect greatly on me and determine my health and well-being. nobody can hurt my feelings without my permission.
flexibility is great, and can only be taken so far.
i continue to be positive and optimistic. i trust people will be on time and do what they say they will do. i can only do this until they show me otherwise. at that time i must choose carefully my reaction and response.
in the meantime, i continue to write about my feelings and experiences, and make a point of being on time.

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Hugh R. Winig, M.D. said...

Well done. Lateness is a compulsion for some people. I consider it to be very inconsiderate and try to be on time for everything, but being human, occasionally fall short.

I liked the way this way written and expressed.