Thursday, December 06, 2007

the joys of shaving or not

I've been shaving now for about forty years.
I have yet to find much joy in it.
Recently I've discovered the greatest joy of all:
having somebody else shave me.
For the last month, I've been going to my barber Kim from Cambodia (which is a whole other article).
He now shaves me every Friday.
It is pure joy.
The hot towels, the moisturizer, the after shave and the talc, oh boy!
I cannot begin to tell you how joyful the experience is.
One must experience this first hand or perhaps that should be, first face.
I only get shaved on Fridays.
The rest of the week I let it grow.
I understand the unshaved look is in.
However, I know only what I know about fashion, which is this, if I'm comfortable with it,
then it's OK.
I may never shave myself again.
I know I'll never shave myself as well as Kim shaves me.
If you're looking for something you've never done before, I recommend getting a shave.
Next time I will tell you about another joy of mine, getting a pedicure.

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Hugh R. Winig, M.D. said...

Good piece of writing.

When we were in Cambodia I saw a barber shop--no more than a hut--with a thriving business. But this was in a rural area, not in a city.

The wedding is on a Monday night. Does that mean you'll have a 3 day growth when you are there?--Hugh