Friday, December 14, 2007


i did something yesterday that i'd never done in my 54 years.
actually it was done to me.
i got acupunctured.
i experienced acupuncture.
it was very relaxing and calming.
i was aware of each and every needle being inserted.
there was a slight unpleasant sensation, like somebody's just stuck a needle in you.
after they're all in, i had very little feeling or awareness of them.
i did feel some itching and the acupuncturist explained this was my chi balancing.
addicts who are unable to quit their addiction of choice by any other means, seem to be able to quit with acupuncture. i've seen a film of open heart surgery being done with only acupuncture as the anesthetic. there is definitely something to acupuncture. it's been around for thousands of years. as long as it makes people feel better, it's OK by me. it made me feel better and more relaxed. would i do it again? probably.
i do find a good massage more rewarding than acupuncture.
i've never been adjusted by a chiropractor, even though one has told me i'm "out of alignment", whatever that means.
if you're in pain, i recommend acupuncture. if you've never tried it, you'll never know.
next week i will not be skydiving. no interest there.

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