Sunday, April 24, 2011

TV or no TV?

a few friends of mine have no TV and claim their lives are much better for it.
i cannot relate. i've always had a TV. i may be at a disadvantage here.
AND it's NBA and NHL playoff season!
recently, my TV has been making clicking sounds. today it has decided to stop working all together. i can relate. i know i'll get there too one day. the TV is 15 years old, i think, perhaps older. it's not HDTV, but it is color!
and so the research begins to determine what to do.
no TV?
HDTV? is there any other kind?
brand? already i'm getting a headache.
asking friends, family, and neighbors will surely be helpful.
for the moment, a nap, and meditation.
to be continued...
stay tuned...

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