Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mr. Peabody

a.k.a. Buddy

i've been volunteering at the animal shelter for about two months now. i cannot begin to express how marvelous and rewarding an experience this is. i believe i get more from the animals there than i give. that's a whole other story.
since my birth, to age 18, our family always included a dog or cat and once both at the same time. at age 18 i set off. i didn't have a pet again until ten years later when i became a cat person. i had cats for 25 years.
i haven't had a pet for a while now. until Mr. Peabody. Buddy for short.
it was a day like every other. i was walking dogs, doing laundry, and socializing cats. then it happened. i walked by kennel 52. there he was. it was, as they say, love at first sight. we just knew. we were meant for each other. i took him for a walk to learn a bit more about him and his behavior. he was awesome. he is awesome.
he is essentially a mini-me, laid-back, calm, low-key, loving, sweet, blah, blah, blah.
not to mention our eyelashes.
this is a new beginning for us both. he was a stray. i was ready for a dog/son.
it's only been three days. he's been fixed so no beauty parlor for him yet. that's planned for november 24th. he'll get the works. already he has more toys than i think he knows what to do with. and yet, can a dog ever have too many toys?
stay tuned.
peace and love.
if you can, please adopt a pet from an animal shelter.

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