Monday, March 23, 2009

my AIG bonus...

has not arrived yet. i am still waiting. i have however received other bonuses from this AIG situation. i think we all have. i think there is much to be learned from this. for example, if you do a little reading and research, you will learn how we got into this mess, and who is really responsible. you will learn who wrote the legislation that allowed the banks and mortgage houses and investment brokers to gamble away our money and soul. it is quite clear who is responsible. there is a clear paper trail. and it is also painfully clear who has benefited from this criminal mess. i do not work for AIG. i have never worked for AIG. i have never been offered a job with AIG. you will also learn that a man told the bush administration about the madoff scam in 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004, and they did nothing about it. the facts are clear and undeniable. will ferrell is performing in his broadway show called, you're welcome america, a final night with george w. bush, and it is a smash hit. it is on HBO now and you really ought to see it. check your local listings. it is ninety minutes long and it is brilliant. i give it my highest rating. and you can always catch my films on YouTube under, "franklandfields". enjoy. peace.

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