Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1 - i wonder what barbie's doin' this mornin'? it is the morning after. 50! anybody see the artist rendering of what barbie should look like in the current aarp newspaper? pretty interesting. but seriously, here's the list of what barbie really did last night to celebrate her 50th.

10 - wanted to call ken, but couldn't find his new unlisted number, or his private facebook page.

9 - got a manicure and pedicure.

8 - picked out an outfit to wear.

7 - popped a couple of alleve for those midlife aches and pains.

6 - brushed teeth, flossed, and gargled for 20 seconds with listerine.

5 - called a couple of girlfriends to arrange a rendezvous and left voicemail.

4 - fed the turtle.

3 - put on a sweater to avoid the chill.

2 - sat down to wait for her girlfriends to call back.

1 - fell asleep at 8pm in her easy chair.

welcome to fifty barbie. enjoy. i have ken's number, but he's asked that i not give it out. sorry. you might wanna try myspace.com. love you!


2 - theory and idea.

theory - there must be at least two people (and probably more) who don't litter, for every one person who does. at any rate, we've got them vastly outnumbered.

idea - how about those of us who don't litter, take it one step further, and simply pick up one piece (or more) of litter whenever we see it. that way, i'm theorizing, we can eliminate litter in no time at all. what do you think? is it worth a try? today i picked up two pieces of litter. please let me know how it goes for you.



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