Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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Letter to the Editor of the New York Times
(Submitted June 13, 2007)

In response to the Senate's vote of no confidence on the
Attorney General ("Republicans Bar Rebuke of Gonzales in
Senate Vote", June 12, 2007), President Bush declared:"They
can have their votes of no confidence, but it's not going
to make the determination about who serves in my
government. This process has been drug out a long time."

This quote is revealing in two ways. President Bush
apparently not only views himself as a monarch, much like
King George of England, but he has also failed to learn to speak
the King's English correctly. Wouldn't it be nice if our President better
understood both our Constitution and our language? After
all, those are two prerequisites for gaining American citizenship.

Hugh R. Winig, M.D.

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Hugh R. Winig, M.D. said...

I have corrected the mispelling in my blog--thanks for picking this up.

I charge $50 for use of my original blogs. I prefer cash!!--Hugh