Wednesday, June 20, 2007

25 miles

beginning at 5:30am this morning i was relearning how to peddle my recumbent trike named Black Lightening. it's that way every time i ride. somehow i forget in between rides how to ride, but after the first two miles or so i'm back in my element and coasting along neatly. today i rode 25 miles. i rode 10 miles from my house out to old town la quinta, resting at the peppertree bookstore. after regaining my breath, i head for home. that's another 10 miles back, making the total 20 miles. to round it up to 25, i ride around the neighborhood in an effort to cool down and recover. by 9am or abouts, i'm done and under the cold shower. after that, morning nap.

how is your day?


1 comment:

Hugh R. Winig, M.D. said...

If you did that in the middle of the day where you live, we'd find a dried out piece of leather on your bike somewhere in the desert.

Happy riding.--Hugh