Sunday, September 26, 2010

the good ol' days

i remember, amazingly so, when rinsing the soap off my body in the shower was as easy as 1-2-3. a few simple twists and turns and BOOM, squeeky clean.
things have changed, and so have i.
i can't understand why now, at my age, it has become increasingly challenging to rinse the soap off myself. i do have a few theories.
1 - either i'm bigger or the shower shrunk. i have an easier time of it in my outdoor shower where i can move, stretch, and reach unspeakable places with ease.
2 - perhaps the soap has become denser and more clingy? i don't know.
3 - i have a few more places now where soap likes to hide and loiter.
4 - maybe i'm just using too much soap?
5 - well there could be a five. i'm thinking about that.
at any rate, i LOVE my outdoor shower. i have room to move and stretch about! there are no walls to confine me. i don't bang my elbows or toes or head on anything. and i can see the stars at night!
i suppose i could eliminate the soap all together, but i'm not quite there yet. a good soapy shower does us all good i think.
in the meantime, stay tuned. i'll keep you posted from time to time.
sunday, september 26, 2010
palm desert, california
109 degrees

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