Thursday, November 19, 2009


i am in such shock and awe and pain right now i have no idea how this will turn out, but here goes anyway.
yesterday i had my yearly eye exam. it had been three years since my last one. when all was said and done, my eyes are fine, my vision has not gotten that much worse, even though the eye doctor recommends a new prescription.
if i keep the frames i've been wearing comfortably for the last three years, i only have to pay for the two lenses that fit into them. that would cost $837.
if i bought a brand new pair of frames, then my total cost, for brand new frames, and brand new lenses would be $750.
something is very wrong here.
needless to say, i am unable to find a brand new pair of frames that i like. needless to say i am NOT paying $837 for new lenses to be put in my old frames.
i obviously do NOT understand what's going on here, even though it was explained to me about ten times by three different people.
today i am going to other eye glass stores to see what they will charge me for these new lenses.
i was told yesterday by the people who want $837 that other stores don't have what i need. i can only get those $837 lenses from them, and that their product quality is superior. apparently, according to them, these type of lenses can only be made by them, because of an exclusive contract (with El Diablo no doubt). if i "could" have them made someplace else, they would be even more expensive, because the $837 is a special discounted price.
at this point my head had already exploded three times.
by the way, where i went yesterday was a company that recently settled a huge class-action lawsuit of which i was a party to. my settlement amounted to a $25-off coupon.
something just isn't right here. something really smells rotten. it may be me. if i don't understand something, THAT is my responsibility. i know i do not understand why glasses have to cost $837.
in the meantime, i will comparison shop. stay tuned. i have no insurance that covers eye glasses. donations are gladly accepted.
$837. just thinking about this gives me a headache. i must stop now and go meditate and clear my mind before my head explodes for the fourth time.
hang in there!

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