Thursday, October 15, 2009



I LOVE bagels, always have, always will.

When I was younger I rarely, if ever, thought about doing dishes or dirty laundry. In fact, I cannot remember EVER doing dishes or dirty laundry. I had too many other things to do, primarily revolving around fun. I had a wonderful childhood from what I choose to recall.

Today I LOVE doing dishes and dirty laundry. And bagels.
My life still primarily revolves around having fun even though my fun has changed.

When I was young, I LOVED to water ski and ride my horse. I can no longer do that. I think the last time I water-skied I was 18. I could ski slalom, on one ski, or on two skis. I have it on film and I watch it occasionally for old times sake. I am quite certain I can’t even get on a horse. I prefer my neck unbroken, thank you very much.

I used to LOVE to inline skate. I have finished a half marathon AND a full marathon on skates and have the medals to prove it. (A year apart. I needed to rest up after the half marathon, and train for the full marathon!) After a few falls I decided that perhaps my skating days were over, even though men and women older than I continue to skate. We’re all different.

Now I LOVE to walk and I LOVE even more my golf cart.
I’m finding that as we progress through time (age) we love different things. Our bodies are in a constant state of change and to a certain extent dictate exactly what we can do from one year to the next.

I find doing dishes and dirty laundry very rewarding and refreshing. I love that squeaky-clean sound a dish makes, and the smell of a freshly washed article of clothing. There may be something wrong with me; or not.

As we evolve (age) we find that different things catch our attention. What we used to like and love and do no longer interests us. We discover new likes and loves. We find other things to do, things that we can actually do.

The great UCLA coach and author John Wooden has said:

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

This is one rule I try to live by. There are others, but none better than this one. What does it mean exactly?
It means obviously something a bit different for everybody. Basically though I think it means that we must focus on what we’re good at. We cannot waste our time on things we cannot do because they will only interfere with those things that we can do. I am not saying that we cannot learn new things. This is always true. We can always learn new things.

I have a friend who is now focused on becoming a Grandpa. This was not always his focus. He evolved into it with help. He is also a published writer with a book that sells!

As we grow from one year to the next, our focus changes, if we can focus at all.

I used to water ski. Now I LOVE doing dishes and going on long walks and riding around in my golf cart, and I LOVE bagels. What does it all mean? I haven’t a clue.

This life is a journey. I suspect the next one is too. I'm not sure how many lives we have, but I am certain that we can only live one at a time. It may even come down to moments, one moment at a time, one after the other.

In the meantime, I continue to do dishes, dirty laundry, walk, golf cart, and LOVE bagels. How about you? What do you love?

October 15, 2009, Thursday, Palm Desert, California
on YouTube under “franklandfields”
Enjoy. Peace.

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