Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the up side

a new deadline has been set for TV conversion from analog to digital. i haven't a clue what any of it means, but read all about it here, http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_11721487, and i'm writing about it anyway. here's what i understand. if you don't have a converter box, you ain't gonna be able to watch much TV. this is going to hurt. for some, the pain will be unbearable, while for others it will only be one more inconvenience in a numb life where they've gotten all too used to inconvenience.
and now the upside.
if people can't watch TV, because they can't afford a $40 TV converter box, maybe, just maybe, they'll read more? think of it. this is good, right? it's free to check out books from your local library, if they haven't closed down due to budget cuts. i'm thinking (hoping) this TV CONverter box nonsense will cause more people to read more. if people read more, perhaps they'll learn more, and understand more, and get smarter, and live more fulfilled lives. or am i just nuts?
what do you think?
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enjoy. peace out.

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