Thursday, December 04, 2008


a friend of mine says:

"i'll get the best sleep of my life when i'm dead."

i've got something better. i am now getting the best sleep of my life AND i'm waking up afterward!

i've recently purchased a tempur-pedic bed.

the old bed was old. i cannot tell you how old, because i'm ashamed.

the new tempur-pedic bed is HEAVEN! it's difficult to describe to people who have never experienced sleeping on one, but i'll try.

think about sleeping on a cloud, filled with warm water, as if you're floating, with no pressure on any part of your body. think about waking up with NO aches and pains. think about sleeping so deeply, practically nothing bothers you or wakes you, and you rarely recall your dreams. think about your bed being the perfect temperature, no matter what temperature you or your room are. think this is too good to be true? i'm here to tell you it is not.

tempur-pedic will let you try their mattress and return it if you don't like it. they do this, because very few people return their mattress. and i know why.

it is the best sleep i've ever had. from now on, i will stay in hotels with tempur-pedic beds. i don't think i'd sleep very well on anything else.

this isn't an ad for tempur-pedic. this is me telling you how well i'm sleeping now that i have a tempur-pedic bed. this is me overjoyed with the increased energy i have from less sleep. when you sleep better, you need less sleep. it is amazing and wonderful and a bag of chips.

and now on with the rest of the day.


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