Sunday, August 03, 2008


august 1 through 7 is national simplify your life week. so what does that mean exactly? well, depends who you are and your current mental condition. for some, simple is easy. their lives are defined by simple. everything they do, say, and think, is simple. for others, different story. it's important, i believe, for each and every one of us to simplify our lives in some way(s). the 21st century is very complicated and full of drama. even selecting a pope is very complicated and full of drama. there's plenty of room for simplification just about everyplace. i pledge to simplify my life not just this week, but every week. in the end, and we'll all arrive there far too soon, what do we really need? it's quite simple actually. i shall let you make that determination for yourself. we're all snowflakes. no two alike. and thank goodness for that! and have a beautiful and simple day. peace. frank landfield

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