Monday, July 28, 2008

grateful and lucky

i am sitting here in the house sweating. it's about 88º inside and 101º outside. our air conditioner has finally worn out. it's been running for about 35 years. it is the original one installed when the house was built. workers are currently putting in a whole new system, and i am grateful and lucky to be experiencing it all.
i think about most of the people in this world who don't have enough to eat; who don't have jobs; who have no health care; who have no air conditioning and worse.
i am lucky to be in the place i am in. i am grateful to be where i am. sweating for one day without air conditioning is nothing compared to all the suffering in our world.
we must do something about all this suffering and misfortune and injustice. we can do something about it. we can all do something.
by tomorrow the new air conditioning system will have the house a chilly 75º. most of the people in the world will continue to suffer. i will rededicate myself to making a difference. i will make sure that every moment i'm alive, i will remember how grateful and lucky i am. i will never forget all the people in our world who have it much worse than i.

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