Friday, March 28, 2008

life and death and life...

i've been thinking about life and death lately.
i've just completed a living trust, and a will, and realize it's going to happen eventually.
here's some of what i've been thinking.
seems you can't have one without the other.
there cannot be life without death, and there surely isn't death without life.
case in point number one:
the grapefruit tree. every day, almost, we rake up leaves from the grapefruit tree that have fallen to the ground. and of course every day, new, fresh, soft, shiny green leaves appear on the tree. life and death at the same time. as we pick and eat the fruit, life and death, we enable the tree to flower, bringing about more life.
case in point number two:
anytime something or somebody dies, there's always something or someone there to feed off it in order to sustain life. when a human dies, people profit and continue to live.
when a bug dies, it is recycled (eaten) by a critter who continues to live.
on the molecular level, an atom, a proton, or a neutron have lives of their own.
this is not my area of expertise, but i think these particles live forever.
even as the human body rots, life is sustained within. yucky bugs are feeding on what's left of us and living.
so a living trust and a will are simply plans for the future, the inevitable.
at least with car insurance you have about a 50/50 chance of ever needing it.
with a living trust and a will, you know for sure, 100%, it will be used.
i am comforted that life and death coexist.
i therefore conclude that i truly will live forever, in some form or another.

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