Saturday, January 05, 2008

too many killing fields

no doubt, there are far too many killing fields, and way too many victims.
you may have seen the film, "the killing fields", or read the book.
it is a very powerful and sad story.
i recently met somebody who was right in the middle of all that.
his family was murdered, and he somehow managed to escape to Thailand.
he asked me if i'd help him write his story down on paper.
he said he'd like to make a book of it.
i said that was a good idea, but i didn't know if i was the right person to help him.
his story has been told before.
i think it never hurts to repeat such stories, because then we'll never forget, and hopefully never permit any more killing fields or holocausts.
perhaps some newspaper will want to print his story.
at any rate, i have decided to do everything i can to prevent any more killing fields.
peace and tolerance and understanding is truly what will save us all.

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Hugh R. Winig, M.D. said...

There's a book entitled "Stay Alive My Son" about a Cambodian refugee who escaped the killing fields. This would be a good book to read (it's short) and/or to give to your friend.--Hugh