Friday, July 06, 2007

good, good, and more good

I see good everywhere, in everything, in all places and faces. Take the following example, please.
At dawn this morning we rode our bikes 12 miles to our usual turnaround point. The water misters were raging and we felt like we were in the February Carmel fog and it felt oh so good. We sipped Gatorade and water while catching our breath and waiting for feeling to return to our glutei maximi. It was all good.

On the way home I got a flat front tire, which was good, because we were just one block from a gas station and air.
At the station there was also water, which was good, because I was real hot, so i soaked myself, which cooled my core body temperature down, which is very good. I also used the restroom, which was good, because I really had to go. I filled up my front tire with air, but it promptly whistled out. I filled it again. It shot out again. Something was wrong, but that was good, because we were only about 4 miles from the bike shop. So we began walking.
After about 2 miles, I started getting blisters. It was about 90º out at 9:30 in the morning, which was good, because it hadn't reached the predicted high of 115º, yet.
I decided I'd call a friend. He couldn't come help. He was busy, but that was OK and good, because I realized his truck wouldn't accommodate my bike. I called another friend. This friend had once before hauled my bike, so I knew it would fit in his truck. He was available. He said he'd come pick me up right away and that was definitely good. I don't think I could have walked another step. My beloved was on her electric bike and that was good, because she had plenty of juice left in her battery. She said she'd meet us at the bike shop, and that was good, because the pickup truck only had two seats, and we had no rope to safely tie her bike in.
I got to the bike shop and that was good, because they were open, and not too busy, and they fixed my tire before my beloved even showed up. When she arrived, my tire was all fixed and that was good. She decided to purchase a multi-function bike tool and that was good. We also learned how to reset her tripometer on her bike and that was good too.
We were now only about 2 miles from home and it was all down hill and that was really good. We arrived home safely and alive and that was most good.
I only have four blisters on my feet and that is good, because it's less than five.
I always try to see the good in everything no matter what.
Peace, Namaste, Shalom, Whatever.


Hugh R. Winig, M.D. said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet article. It was really good!!

Hugh R. Winig, M.D. said...

Great article of Biblical proportions and that is good. Kinda like resting on the 7th day, which is very good.
Shabbat shalom, MA

cyanderson said...

On this 7th day I intend to rest. And that is good too. My butt is sore, my legs hurt. But it is good that I still have feeling in those areas. It's all good. I like the blog.