Saturday, January 22, 2005

the bush administration is raping and kidnapping mother earth. they are eroding our human rights. they are hijacking our constitutional rights. they are prejudice and racist and sexist. we must do all we can to resist this illegal and terrorist administration. our very survival depends on it. the very survival of sponge bob depends on it. this administration is evil and illegal, and we must fight to expose the truth. there never were any WMD's. this war is illegal, unjust, and immoral. george w. bush is a disgrace to humanity, christianity, and human rights. he is a liar through and through. he is a draft-dodger. he tells the world lies each and every day. we must stop him, and his buddies, and their illegal agenda. don't let "them" force their ways down your throat and up your ass. jesus h. christ is truly ashamed of george w. bush.

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